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powered by F-One !!! using latest brand new equipment.


Kites the Bandit

Stability,easy to fly and great relaunch will make sure you learn fast. Advanced kiter? The Bandit on its 9th version will give thrill to the ambitious!

Twintip/ Surfboard

A variety of high performance surfboards and twintips for any conditions or your first steps in kitesurfing.


For light wind action, or because you just like it!

Courses / Sup Rental

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Naxos Kitesurf Club

SUP Naxoskitesurf Club


DURATION : 1 hour to 7 days
1 hour: 15 Euro
2 hours: 25 Euro
3 hours: 35 Euro
1 day: 50 Euro
1 week: 250 Euro

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