(IKO Level 1 IKO Level 2)

Want to learn how to kite? This is the course for you. You will get all the basic knowledge to fly a kite in a safe way. Swimming ability is important but no strength is required.

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Our lessons are taught in groups of no more than 2 students. Learning in a group is a fantastic way for you and your companion, you will watch each other go through the learning process, enabling you to correct yourself quickly and help each other progress.

Of course we offer also private courses with only you and an instructor. The progress in private is even faster. Send us a request and we will custom tailored a package to your needs!

We have taught clients from the age of 11 to 60, so come on, give it a try!

How long is the course?


The course length varies depending on weather conditions, so we adapt the courses accordingly. Here at Glyfada beach, one of the best places to learn to kitesurf for beginners is very easy. That means we can usually finish the course during 3 days which it consists about 10 hours, depending on the package.

In private the progress can speed up if you don’t have a lot of days. The faster you progress the faster we go. We won’t hold you back!

One of our main advantages over other schools is that you can forget about long hours of theory and training with 2 lines power kites. This old method is no fun and progress is very slow and boring.

At our Surf Club here in Naxos we combine theory and practice at the same time. We take you straight to the beach. Furthermore we use normal inflatable kites with 4 short lines for the beginning. This proven modern and interactive way apart that is completely safe, you learn faster and having fun at the same time.

What will I learn?


Your lesson will start with the theory of basic kite piloting and most importantly safety. We will take some time showing you around the kite, bar and lines plus safety systems in a nice and easy way to remember what to attach where!

First piloting with an inflatable 4 line trainer kite with little power, flown on the beach. This will enable you to gain confidence, and get you excited about the next step! (approximately 2 hrs).

Second piloting and you will learn more advanced moves, landing and launching the kite with assistance, fly the kite one handed, power strokes. This will enable you to gain good kite control and confidence, an understanding of the wind window and get you excited about the next step which is time to hit the water! (approximately 2 hrs).

Next is body dragging. Body dragging is a lot of fun! By dragging yourself through the water with two hands on the bar you will gain more confidence and understanding of the kite, as well as one handed piloting practice going upwind and power strokes in figure 8, preparing you for Board Starts (approximately 2-3 hrs).

The moment you have been waiting for!

Boardstarts are possibly the most challenging part of learning to kitesurf but also the most rewarding! You will learn how to position your body and kite and with your previous knowledge you will start riding small distances. During the whole procedures we use radio helmets, enabling us to be with you all the way across the bay!
This section of course is approximately 3-4 hours, giving you plenty of time to get up and riding before the end of your course.