Kite Spot at Glyfada Beach Naxos

Unspoiled Location, Meltemi Wind.


Naxos Kitesurf Club is located at Glyfada beach, an Unspoiled location, long sandy beach, crystal clear turquoise water at south – west of Naxos, Greece.

North wind is the most common and it’s side shore that makes the kite spot ideal to learn kite boarding, Wind Surfing or SUP.

Naxos is well known in Europe for water sports, consistent wind conditions and special during summer time because of the ”Meltemi” effect.

Glyfada beach never is crowded so the kitesurfing lessons for beginners are very safe and comfortable as is separate from independent kiters. That makes the spot very safe for your first steps into learning kite boarding. Another unique feature is that it’s the only beach on the Island that combines relaxation, recreation.
Because of the size and shape of the bay, families or the individuals swimmers, can enjoy as much the beach as there is separate place that is only them.

 Crystal clear turquoise water Glyfada beach Naxos


Naxos island is one of the most wind consistent wind locations in whole Europe, specially during summer time and yearly with more than 240 days blowing 15+ knots.

The Meltemi wind was known by the old Greeks as the Etesian (annual) northern winds and results from a high pressure system (>1025) laying over the Balkan/Hungary area and a relatively low pressure (<1010) system over Turkey that is channeling jet-effect (venturi) between islands increasing the wind.

Furthermore, it can be characterized as one of the few Mediterranean winds that do not necessarily die out at the end of the day and can easily last more than three to six days and start over again.

Specially where Naxos kitesurf Club is locate, the micro climate at the kite spot, which cant be predicted it and it’s almost always 3-5 knots more than the rest of the island. If you look for predictions in Wind guru and similar services and you see no wind, just contact us or have a look in our Facebook fun page 😉 ?
The climate is naturally Mediterranean, with warm summers and relatively mild winters.

All in one kite spot, Glyfada beach, Naxos kitesurf Club

All in one kite spot, Glyfada beach, Naxos kitesurf Club

Kite spot Glyfada beach Naxos Kite life in Glyfada beach. Right side of the spot, perfect for beginners, flat water, shallow water the first meters. Middle section, small chop to help for your first jump, or go Big for advance riders. Left section of the spot small...

Having fun, SUP day!

Having fun, SUP day!

Boredom is a choice not an option at Naxos Kitesurf Club. Don’t take our word for it. Try yourself! Unspoiled location in Europe, just a few hour at Glyfada beach Naxos Island, Greece.

Super Safe Bay, Glyfada Beach

Super Safe Bay, Glyfada Beach

Naxos Kitesurf Club at Glyfada Beach super safe kite spot, side-on, side shore conditions! 3 kitesurf spots in one. Left side there are small waves,perfect for your first steps in kitesurfing. The middle section there is small chop,so you can learn your first jump...